Dirty worn out gun stock 2. Sandpaper (150 grit - 400 grit) 3. Wood Stripper 4. Degreaser 5. Wood Stain 6. Tru Oil 7. Stock Wax 8. Cheesecloth 9. Tools 10. Safety gear (gloves, eye protection) 11. Time and elbow grease Disclaimer: be safe and use common sense.. Joined Nov 27, 2010. 1,085 Posts. #2 · Jan 28, 2012. The only, and I mean only, remedy for salt wood is the burn pile. There has been no sealant, refinishing, or anything else that has proven to salvage a salted stock. Don't try, as refinishing seems to. At U.S. Gun Inletting & Stocks, we provide complete service on all gun makes and models. We have over 20 years of expertise working in the Custom Gunstock industry, producing for one of the top gun companies in the World. We are Family owned & operated conveniently located in Marysville, Northern California, between Sacramento and Redding .... Coat the stock repair pins with Acraglas Gel and carefully tap them into place. Can you use wood filler on a gun stock? Basically, any thing be it a gun stock or furniture will have a similar procedure. You cut out / flatten the bad area, then glue, then shape it with new wood. Don’t use wood filler to repair chips!. Winchester Model 70 Pre 64 featherweight Early Wood Stock LA RH The stock had been inletted for the standard model 70 and could be used for both. The action has been glassed and reinforced with brass glasses in front and behind the magazine box. Also, at some time there has been a toe repair to the stock next to the aluminum butt at the stock’s heel. Contact Us. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424. The Henry Original Gun Case for H011 Series Rifles. $ 136.95 View. Home; Range; Gift Cards; Cart. Account . Item added to cart. ... Spare Stock Sets For Rice Lake, WI Production Models . From $ 94.95 View. Forearm Cap(Required For X-Model Wood Furniture Set Conversion) $ 8.95 View. Henry H015 Single Shot Compact,Youth Rifle Stocks. From $ 134.95 View. Swivel Kits. $. Two Cherries are among the highest quality wood chisels you'll ever own! They're longtime favorites in Dan Erlewine's guitar repair shop, and are endorsed by our friend Link Van Cleave, accomplished woodworker and tool sharpening expert. Each chisel is heat-treated to Rockwell 61C-grade hardness. They’re fitted with balanced octagonal handles. For Stronger-Than-New Repairs On Cracked/Split Stocks. With this Kit, plus ACRAGLAS and a vari-speed drill, you can do quick, easy, sure-to-hold repair jobs on cracked or broken stocks. Pins go in easily, won't further split the stock; cannot pull or shoot out; can be cut off at any length. "/> Wood gun stock repair
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